Boiling Water Production, LLC

Boiling Water Productions was founded in 2002 by local filmmaker Matt Dunstone. It was designed to utilize the talents of a group of friends from Kalamazoo, Michigan to entertain, educate, and enlighten viewers about important regional issues receiving little attention in the main-stream media — in this case the health of the Kalamazoo River and everything it touches.

After gaining a degree in film/video studies from the University of Michigan, Matt spent five years working on Hollywood films in Austin, Texas. Returning to Kalamazoo to finish three screenplays intended to be produced in Michigan, Dunstone's childhood experiences as an outdoor enthusiast and canoeing fanatic led him to question why he had never paddled the large stream running through his hometown, and Kalamazoo, River: US was born.

A list of the big-budget films Matt worked on like Office Space and The Rookie are available at the Internet Movie Database. Collaborating on the script is local writer and actor Eric McConnell. Former Kalamazooan, now New York City resident and opera singer David A. Gordon is co-producing the movie. Utilizing all in-house digital video production and post-production equipment, Boiling Water Productions' goal is to use this project to springboard into the other Kalamazoo oriented projects.

For information on how to contract the filmmakers for other production work, please visit the contact page.